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AR-15 Maintenance (Cleaning Your Rifle)

Everyone knows that proper maintenance for your handguns & rifles is so important to ensure the longevity of the firearm.  In the video below youtube user Hickock45 explains his way of thoroughly disassembling your AR-15 and properly cleaning it.

We have always been a fan of Hickock45‘s YouTube videos and this one is no exception.  We were going to do our own write up about this topic but Hickock45 really hit the nail on the head so why bother?

The video is a little lengthy but it really covers every aspect of AR-15 maintenance.  If you own an AR-15 do yourself a service and watch this great video.  Add this page to your bookmarks for future reference.

We would like to give Hickock45 a big thanks for all of the great videos like this one that he adds to his channel on a regular basis.