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Build an AR-15 for Under $600


With the growing popularity of the AR platform, I thought we would post up a how-to on building an AR-15 for under $500.  Why buy a rifle off the shelf for over $1,000 when you can simply build one yourself for half the price OR LESS!  Below is an example guide of one of the many ways you can build a basic California compliant AR-15 for less than $500.

Stripped Lower – Turners Outdoors Anderson Arms Lower (On Sale) – $54.99

Lower Parts Kit (LPK) – Palmetto State Armory Blackhawk! LPK – $49.99

Stock Kit – Blackhawk! AR-15 Stock Kit – $34.99

Magazine – Magpul PMAG 10 – $14.00

Rear Sight – Palmetto State Armory Polymer Sight – $9.99

Bullet Button – Palmetto State Armory Bullet Button – $12.99

Complete Upper Assembly – PSA 16″ Mid Length CHF 5.56 1:7 Upper with BCG & Charging Handle – $389


Grand Total (Excluding Shipping): $567

  • Robert

    This is an excellent resource. I am planning on putting one of these together soon.