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Ebay Bans ‘Assault Weapon’ Parts Sales


The popular auction site has recently banned the selling of “assault weapon” parts for the popular AR platform.  But there are a few tricks you can do to fool the site into letting orders to continue processing.

Anyone that has built an AR-style rifle, knows that Ebay is a great outlet for scoring parts often much cheaper than anywhere else.  An investigation into the auction site shows that either many sellers don’t know the rule or are simply just using a play on words to get around it.

“This violates eBay’s policy banning the sale of ‘parts or accessories for assault weapons,” the Center for Investigative News’ Reveal wrote. “The policy is closely tailored to match California law, which is among the nation’s strictest. But the company’s automated filters and user-flagging system fail to stop it.”

Several sellers have been re-writing their listings marketing products as “Rifle Barrels” or “Rifle Parts” instead of “AR Parts”

“Getting around eBay’s automated filters can be as easy as inserting a space in an advertisement,” Reveal says. “Changing the brand name Magpul, a company that makes AR-15 parts, to ‘Mag pul,’ for example, can be the difference between an item being removed and it selling.”

“A technique gun parts sellers say they often employ is to not mention an item’s compatibility with assault weapons, even if it is designed explicitly for that purpose,”

So for now you can still purchase the same “rifle parts” you are looking for to complete your AR build, but it just might take some fooling the system to find what you are looking for.