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FedEx Refuses to Ship Ghost Gunner

Defense Distributed, a company that has produced a CNC machine labeled Ghost Gunner which will produce 80% lowers from blueprints you can download from it’s website sent out an email (that can be read below) which states that FedEx is refusing to ship their products because they allow it’s owners to produce their own firearms without the need for registration and background check through the state.

Wikipedia states a receiver that is 80 percent or less complete is not considered to be a receiver in the eyes of the (US federal) law. Thus it is not a firearm and may be bought and sold freely. Such an object requires final steps – machining, welding, drilling – in order to convert to a receiver. There are many manufacturers of 80 percent receivers in the US, and they will generally sell to anyone with a US address and adequate funds. Generally no records are kept of such sales. Since all other components of a firearm are simply unnumbered parts it is possible to obtain such an object, complete it, and build the resultant receiver into a functioning firearm without knowledge of the authorities, without a serial number, and all of this in full compliance with federal law.

So what exactly is FedEx’s problem?  You be the judge…


Putting the Federal in Federal Express

My company Defense Distributed, a non-profit organized to expand your franchise under the Second Amendment, began selling a compact and powerful CNC machine in October of last year. This machine, called the Ghost Gunner, is notable in that its original design application is to mill the lower receiver of an AR-15 to completion from 80% manufacture, allowing a private individual to produce a quality, un-serialized AR in the comfort of home. He does not have to use hand tools or buy a much more expensive machine to create his rifle privately. The product is even more exceptional after recent regulations by the ATF attempting to gut this traditional activity.

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In February, I began pursuing business-to-consumer fulfillment rates from Federal Express to ship my product because I was a member of their FedEx Advantage/NRA Business Alliance program. I understood that the company held itself out as catering to the firearms industry with special rates.

Two weeks ago FedEx, through my account executive, began demurring on the rates and expressing uncertainty as to the legal status of my product. I assured them there was no controversy and showed them legal memos from my GCA firm in DC and other memos and facts confirming that the product and its related activity are not regulated or restricted by the ATF or federal law.


Now FedEx has told me that they will NOT ship my product at all, and though they will not give me a reason in writing, they have told that it is because my machine allows an individual to make a gun.

I will find another way to ship the machine. I emailed today because I feel you should know that FedEx is uncomfortable with the constitutionally protected right to make a rifle free from government surveillance. They may cater to the firearms industry, but they have a specific antipathy to the non-commercial acquisition of firearms.


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