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FrogLube ‘Green’ Weapons Care System Review


Greatest Hits:

  • Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable
  • Lubricant works ‘dry’ or ‘wet’.
  • Prevents carbon, copper, lead and any other firing residue from bonding to metal surfaces so between deep cleanings firearms can be simply wiped off, re-lubricated, and good to go
  • Solvent cleans/protects and will not damage after-market finishes, bluing, or coatings
  • FrogLube is supposed to work well in any environment from desert to arctic
  • FrogLube CLP works great to lubricate tent zippers, toilet paper holders, and I am sure many other things

I first learned of FrogLube when one of the local gun shops had an event showcasing various manufacturers. I was immediately impressed… at least with the presentation of the FrogLube System. That said, my experience was a little rocky.

Backing up a little bit, I had been looking for a non-toxic, “safe” weapon cleaner/solvent prior to being introduced to FrogLube. My young daughter had taken considerable interest in firearms overall, and she loved helping me clean and work on them. That said, I had used Hoppe’s #9 for as long as I can remember which works great, but isn’t exactly a chemical that I wanted consistently getting on my daughters skin not to mention my wife wasn’t all that excited about her breathing the fumes either.

The FrogLube System is supposed to be used as follows:

  1. Thoroughly clean weapon using FrogLube Solvent, or FrogLube Super Degreaser.
  2. Apply FrogLube CLP and allow time to absorb. Using heat quickens the rate of absorption. This step is supposed to “season” the metal, soaking FrogLube into it.
  3. Scrub, agitate, and wipe off any excess FrogLube CLP.
  4. Apply additional FrogLube CLP to lubricate as desired, however, FrogLube is supposed to perform as designed wet or dry.




At first, I was unable to find the FrogLube Solvent or FrogLube Super Degreaser, only the CLP. I figured it would be fine… I would just clean my AR-15 and 1911 with Hoppe’s, and use the FrogLube to replace the lubricant I had been using… at least until I could find some FrogLube Solvent.

I thoroughly cleaned my weapons using Hoppe’s, applied FrogLube CLP liberally, and used my wife’s hair dryer to heat the metal until it was fairly warm to the touch, and the CLP was a fairly thin liquid. I then let everything cool, agitated and scrubbed the surface, and wiped off the excess. I then re-applied a light film of FrogLube CLP focusing on points of contact.

Both the AR-15 and the 1911 felt great… smooth, well lubricated, but not gooped up with grease. I couldn’t wait to shoot them.

I shot the 1911 first, and it shot great! Smooth, and absolutely no problems. My AR-15 however, did not perform nearly as well. I want to point out that prior to this, I never had any problems with my AR… but the first FrogLube experience with the AR was plagued with failures to load, failures to eject… just failures. Until I really started to get concerned about my rifle and wanted to make sure there wasn’t something wrong… I then broke it down, cleaned off the FrogLube and applied my normal lubricant. The rifle worked perfectly.

At this point I started second guessing if I actually reapplied the CLP to act as lubricant, even though I new I did… I read some reviews online, and talked to a number of other shooters that I respect, and a got a complete mixed bag of impressions. Some had the same experience I had and would never use FrogLube again, and some absolutely loved it. The only thing that most of the shooters that had a good experience seamed to have in common was that they also used the FrogLube Solvent. So I decided to reserve my final opinion until I could track down some FrogLube Solvent, and follow FrogLubes’ complete instructions for the “System”.

Even though I had doubts, I tracked down some FrogLube Solvent. I thoroughly cleaned the AR-15 with it, and really hoped it was going to work. In comparison to some of the more established gun/bore cleaners or solvents, the FrogLube Solvent is really nice to work with. To begin with, you don’t have to be too concerned with overspray staining your couch, or drips burning a hole in your carpet… or even damaging your firearms finish if you leave it on too long. It has a very mild smell, that didn’t have my wife kicking me out of the living room while cleaning the rifle and watching TV.

Take 2, using the complete FrogLube System, had much better results. The rifle performed flawlessly for over 500 rounds. I also fired several kinds of ammo of various brands as well as reloads… none of which had any problems. This time I also tried it on my AR-10 (.308). It too performed flawlessly with exception to some really bad ammo I picked up from the range. Even then, the rifle and lubricant worked perfectly.

After shooting more then 500 rounds, minor cleaning is as advertised. The various metals, dissolved carbon, and whatever else needs to be cleaned off/out of the rifle wipes off with very little effort required. A thin layer of FrogLube CLP is then reapplied, and the rifle is ready to go. It took a total of maybe 15 minutes for the “Maintenance Cleaning”.

The claim is “When used in accordance with [FrogLubes’] instructions, FrogLube delivers a slick and slippery finish that shoots dry, wicks to the surface when warmed and dissolves carbon on contact.” After putting FrogLube to the test as I detailed as well as several hunting trips since, I concur with their claim but will emphasize, “When used in accordance with [FrogLubes’] instructions”.

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