Pressure Washer Fish Cleaning

Apparently pressure washer fish cleaning is a thing now?  The video below shows my new favorite person cleaning a salmon with his ...
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Shark Capsizes Kayak

Kayak Angler Ben Chancey was fishing off the coast of Stuart, FL when he hooked into a Giant shark which preceded ...
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Paddle Boarders Encounter White Shark

On June 26, 2015 in Huntington Beach, CA, video was filmed of paddle boarders encountering a great white shark.  The ...
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Ultimate Survival Shelter

Talk about the Ultimate Survival Shelter!  This kid no doubt has all the skills needed for survival in the wild ...
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Man Rides Moose

Man Rides Moose [Video]

A video has surfaced online titled "Man Rides Moose" in which three British Columbia men can be seen harassing and chasing ...
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12 Foot Great White Feeding on Whale

Cellphone video of a Great White feeding on whale has surfaced online.  Fisherman Johnny Beau who took the original video ...
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Bear Attacks Deer

A video has surfaced online of a what appears to be a brown bear attacking a white tailed deer in ...
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Former Navy Seal Critiques ISIS Training Video

Former Navy Seal Jonathan Gilliam critiques an ISIS training video.  Check out the full video below ...
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“Deep Blue” Largest White Shark Ever Recorded

A video has surfaced online of what is said to be "Deep Blue" the largest white shark ever recorded.  The ...
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Memory Collector – The Story of Tom Cruikshank

More than 20 years ago, Tom “Crusty” Cruikshank arrived unannounced at the Anchorage airport to find his version of happiness ...
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Vince Vaughn Thinks Guns Should Be Aloud In Schools

Funny man Vince Vaughn is dishing out some support for the fight on gun violence and thinks guns should be ...
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Bullet Spins When it Hits Ice

In a post on /r/firearms there is an animated gif showing (see below) a .40cal pistol round fired from what looked to ...
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Goliath Grouper Landed in a Kayak [Video]

Angler John Black can be seen in the video below landing a Goliath Grouper which is rumored to be the largest bottom fish ...
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Great White Sharks Spotted in Orange County, CA

A video provided by the Orange County Sheriff's Department shows what looks to be up to 6 Great White sharks ...
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Wild Hog Shot Placement [Video]

Everyone knows that shot placement is very important in hunting.  It can be the difference in dropping your prey like ...
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Black Bear Shot at 3 Yards [Video]

A video has surfaced online of a hunter shooting a black bear out of self defense when it comes too ...
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How-To Make Ballistics Gel

Ever wondered how-to make ballistics gel?  Well with this simple how-to you can be on your way to creating your ...
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Bobcat Attacks Turkey Hunter

Check out this video below of a bobcat attacking a turkey hunting in Virginia.  Video originally posted by YouTube user NRAPubs ...
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Will Smith Shooting an AR-15

Actor Will Smith Shooting an AR-15 with Taran Tactical.  Rumor has it that this was for upcoming movie Suicide Squad ...
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Cletus Take the Reel [Video]

Check out this hilarious music video from comedian Tim Hawkins, titled Cletus Take the Reel.  The video follows two fishing buddies ...
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How to Catch a Trophy Bass With Your Bare Hands [VIDEO]

Ok, so this isn't really a tutorial.. But whatever this old man is doing be it fish whispering or soaking his fingers ...
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Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock

Magpul Industries released via their website the newest stock in it's collection. Titled the Hunter X-22, is a conversion kit ...
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All I Wanted Was A Picture!

A video titled "Funny Selfie With Tuna" surfaced on YouTube showing a man trying to hold a school sized bluefin tuna ...
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3,600 Yard Shot!

On September 28th, 2014 a team from Hill Country Rifles joined with expert instructors from FTW Ranch to attempt a ...
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Surviving an Active Shooter – What Would You Do?

Warning: This Video Contains Graphic Content of a Violent Nature.  The Los Angeles Sheriffs Dept(LASD) put out the above educational ...
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7 Epic Fishing Fails! [Video]

Fishing may look like it's all fun and games, but every once in a while you will meet your match, ...
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AR-15 Maintenance (Cleaning Your Rifle)

Everyone knows that proper maintenance for your handguns & rifles is so important to ensure the longevity of the firearm ...
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